Thoughts on Brexit by a Christian

by Mike Reith on 3rd September 2019

I’m not sure this ‘BIG week’ as Parliament returns from its summer break will be all that big! We’ve had many mini dramas week after week until now when decisive moments haven’t been that decisive.

However since everyone’s saying it is THE week, here’s how I’d like to be humble in it…

Politicians are trying to do their best.
It is so easy to choose a side and rubbish the other side. Politicians on ‘my side’ are angels; politicians on the other side are devils! And what we think of politicians attaches to what we think of voters who back them.  End result? BIG DIVISION. We hear people saying leaving will be a disaster, or remaining will be a disaster.

But the disaster is not ahead of us. Disaster is happening now as we hate those who disagree with us.
Unity will not come by proudly proclaiming my position. It comes by treating humbly the one who disagrees with me. If it’s not too un-PC to quote the Bible, the apostle Paul tells Christians how to follow Jesus… “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more important than yourselves.” (Philippians Ch 1 v3). So I want to humbly value those on ‘the other side’.

Realise we aren’t God.
Experts tell us there’ll be ‘yellow hammer’ catastrophes unless we stay. Other experts reassure us there’ll be a smooth transition if we leave (maybe with a small bump or two at the start). Truth is, we have no idea – if the experts are divided! Probably it won’t be as bad as ‘Project Fear’, and it won’t be as good as ‘Project Peace’. But we do not know what the future will bring with certainty; only God does. So certainly have an opinion. But hold that opinion with a humility that comes from recognising we might just be wrong, and the person we are disagreeing with may turn out to be more right!

Realise there IS a God.
We’ll panic about the future if we worry we’re not in control. Brexiteers worry they’ll lose control if Remainers get another extension and stop Brexit.  Remainers worry they’ll lose control – if parliament is prorogued/shut down.
But the fact there is a God changes everything.
First, it sends us to speak to a Father to humbly ask him to steer what happens for his glory and our good. It’s sensible to speak to someone who can do more… and loves us more… than politicians.
Second, it helps us to follow Jesus. Seriously, his hand on your life will make a bigger difference & bring more blessing than Brexiting or Remaining ever will.
Third, it sends us to others. The Holy Spirit of Jesus helps us to point to a bigger future than the small temporary world we live in. However we vote, we can’t have heaven now. It’s a good longing to have. But we need to understand when it is that longing will be really fulfilled.

Our church has Leavers and Remainers in it. And we love each other. Because there’s unity in humbly believing these 3 things.

Come and join us.