Things are far from back to normal…

… but we are still meeting, in person, every Sunday at 4pm.

Sundays are a great way to meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible, with others. In September we’ll be resuming our Joshua series.

Best to arrive just before 4pm, so you can find your seat. (We are adhering to all government guidance on how to make our venue safe for everyone. We can provide the sanitising gel, and a mask.)

But we do also want to warmly welcome you,
so please let us know by filling in a contact form, if you’re planning to come.

We're back!

We are now meeting at 4pm every Sunday.

It’s a great chance to hear the Bible, and think more on the person of Jesus, for this life, and the next.

Please do let us know if you’re planning to attend for the first time,
as we’d like to prepare for your visit.


We'll come to you!

In line with government restrictions (allowing for outdoor activities), and with such fabulous weather, we’re back to speaking to our neighbours, on the doorstep. This week we’ll be visiting 1-45 Chaplin Road.

Following a letter from us (delivered on Thursday), some from our church will call at 2pm on Sunday, or (if you’re out) at 6pm the following Wednesday.

The idea is to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. We’re aware that many people won’t ever set foot in a church, and so we’d like to give people the opportunity to ask questions, and find out more, in a friendly and relaxed way.

If you’d rather we didn’t come, please let us know – we don’t want to be a nuisance, and won’t overstay our welcome.

But if you are keen for a visit (and not on the street we’re currently on), why not get in touch, and we’ll fit you in?

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