Suffering is all around us.

And when we personally suffer, there are so many questions… are there any answers?

Is this God punishing me?               Is there a God?           What is He doing?         

The Bible doesn’t avoid this tough subject.
In fact, it devotes one of the largest Old Testament books – Job – to this important subject! 

Why not come along, and hear the God who made you, speak to you from His word – the Bible?


We're back!

We are now meeting at 4pm every Sunday.

It’s a great chance to hear the Bible, and think more on the person of Jesus, for this life, and the next.

Please do let us know if you’re planning to attend for the first time,
as we’d like to prepare for your visit.


We'll come to you!

In line with government restrictions (allowing for outdoor activities), we’re back to speaking to our neighbours, on the doorstep. We’d love to meet you!

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The Becontree Church Centre
330 Hedgeman's Road