Whether you’re fed up of being indoors, looking for a church to belong to, or simply intrigued to find out more, we are OPEN!

We’d love to meet you in person, and you’ll find everything you need when you arrive – face masks, hand sanitiser, a bible, and a sheet for the service.

If you’re interested in thinking more on questions that lockdown has thrown up, why not check out our Youtube episodes, called ‘Same Again?”

We're back!

We are now meeting at 4pm every Sunday.

It’s a great chance to hear the Bible, and think more on the person of Jesus, for this life, and the next.

Please do let us know if you’re planning to attend for the first time,
as we’d like to prepare for your visit.


Other online options

There are some great online videos on questions such as:

Why does God allow suffering?

Isn’t the chaos sign of God’s absence?

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The Becontree Church Centre
330 Hedgeman's Road