Want to know about Christmas services?

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A church for those who don’t go to church

Rather than expect people to come to church services, we visit a street every week, to get to know our community.

Our game plan is not to drag people to church. But, we are persuaded there are huge reasons to follow Jesus Christ for this life and the next. And we’d love an opportunity to explore this with you in the context of friendship.

Of course it goes without saying that anyone who’d like to join us for a church service (starts 5:30pm) will be absolutely welcome.  A good way to find out why we should follow Jesus is to be in a place where you’ll understand the Bible as it is explained.  And you can see the difference it makes when you hang out with Christians.


We meet every Sunday at 5.30pm at The Becontree Church Centre (330 Hedgemans Road).

It’s the sort of meeting that anyone would feel at home in. We praise God for his love for us and for people on our estate, and speak to him about what is important to him and to us.

We’ll discover how God speaks from the Bible to humble us, and to create new love for him and for others.

All that in simple every day English anyone can understand.

And, as it’s Christmas, here’s an incentive to come and find out more…  WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Wrapping Paper: Co-Mission Christmas Advert

This Christmas, Discover Jesus. Find a Christmas Service near you.Our brand new campaign tells the story of an old teddy bear who believes his only chance of being loved and accepted is by wrapping himself up in wrapping paper to hide his faults and flaws. But when this does happen, his fear of being discovered makes him even more fearful.For more: https://co-mission.org/christmas

Posted by Co-Mission on Friday, 24 November 2017

We also run a Toddler Group on Tuesdays (9:30 to 11am) together with a youth group on Fridays.  Please click on the ‘youth group’ link to see more!

Upcoming Visits

Every Sunday afternoon between 2-3:30pm we aim to visit a small number of homes to make friends with everyone who lives in our area.

However our Sundays in December will be different.  We aim to give 4,000 homes a Christmas card!  It means we need to use letterboxes rather than doorbells.  But please see each one as a hand-delivered personal invitation to our Carol services.  And read each one as a personal message from God to respond to him. If you’d like to see what’s inside in advance – click on the link at the top of the page.

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