Future developments

by Mike Reith on 14th May 2015

Significant things last!

Way back in 1930, Captain Dawson, a Christian man, wanted people on a new estate in Dagenham to hear about Jesus Christ.

He built a hall and made a good start, but died before it opened!

The hall (now called The Dawson Christian Centre) was given over to London City Mission (better known as LCM) who have made it a centre of Christian compassion to the community.

Now it is also home to Becontree Church.  Plans presently being considered include the possibility of LCM handing over control of the hall to the new church and to employ a new missionary as a church attached worker – and this may happen as early as September ’15.

Bill and Chris Deane have been (and are still) star players for LCM in The Dawson Christian Centre, and have been an invaluable help to our new church.Bill & Chris Deane