Thoughts on Brexit by a Christian

by Mike Reith on 3rd September 2019

I’m not sure this 'BIG week' as Parliament returns from its summer break will be all that big! We’ve had many mini dramas week after week until now when decisive moments haven't been that decisive. However since everyone’s saying it is THE week, here’s how I’d like to be humble in it… Politicians are trying to do their best. It is so easy to choose a side and rubbish the other [...]

What's it mean to belong to a church?

by Mike Reith on 4th May 2017

It's easy to get our answers from experience? For many it's a service where you sing, pray, sit & listen, take a bit of bread & wine... and, if you're lucky, get a biscuit with your cup of tea afterwards! Then Sunday lunch pulls you home. But if we get answers from the Bible it's different. Christians love. We love God. We love neighbour. The word 'love' describes something inside us. It's [...]

Youth Group

by Mike Reith on 5th February 2017

Children at Becontree 2020 

Christianity made easy

by Mike Reith on 31st May 2015

Have just blogged about this on this page - have a look!

Workplace wisdom

by Mike Reith on 26th May 2015

Some say Christians are too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use! Whilst that may be true of some, it shouldn't be. In a book called 'What's best next?', Matt Perman explains why Christians might have the edge in getting more out of life. For example, what's the best way to be productive? Here are 12 myths about what it takes to get things done (and 12 ways to bust them!). "Being [...]

Gathering momentum...

by Mike Reith on 14th May 2015

Since we started Becontree Church has been getting involved in different things. Toddler Group... There's a great Toddler group on a Tuesday morning at the Dawson Centre (where we also meet on Sundays).... from 9:30 to 11:00, and from 11:30 to 1:00 pm. LEO... is an expanding club for children in the Dawson Centre from school Years 4 to 7 which meets on Fridays from 6:00 to 7:30pm (term [...]

Future developments

by Mike Reith on 14th May 2015

Significant things last! Way back in 1930, Captain Dawson, a Christian man, wanted people on a new estate in Dagenham to hear about Jesus Christ. He built a hall and made a good start, but died before it opened! The hall (now called The Dawson Christian Centre) was given over to London City Mission (better known as LCM) who have made it a centre of Christian compassion to the [...]

In conversation with African Christianity

by Mike Reith on 29th July 2014

What have 'apostle', 'missionary', and 'disciple' got in common? They are all the names of minibuses that take African Christians to African churches - often in South London! Which is an interesting journey, given there are African churches in Dagenham those minibuses pass on the way to their church. So why do they go? [It's also worth saying they pass other minibuses shipping people IN to [...]

In conversation with Muslims

by Mike Reith on 2nd July 2014

It is fascinating meeting Muslims, great people. The blokes will talk about God at the drop of a hat; the women are open and friendly. And like Brits, it isn't a great idea to make them fit into one category. They aren't all sprouting beards and heading for Syria. Mostly they like it over here, and seem be settling in droves. And the younger ones speak Cockney better than I can (in a cute Asian-y [...]

In conversation with Atheists

by Mike Reith on 19th May 2014

"I'm an atheist". This was the response of a young man when I knocked on his door when he knew I was a Christian. It said 'we have nothing to talk about' - as if we came from 2 different planets. This is a common reaction. But atheism is also a faith. It has a view about God. It shapes our understanding of how we came to live here. It has implications on how we live life. As the young guy [...]