Christianity for beginners

by Rob Newham on 29th February 2024

God’s purpose for your life is to make you like Jesus. That’s it!   Incidentally, that’s a strong hint as to what your purpose of in life should be – fitting in with his!  Let me explain. The start of the Bible tells us God made man in his own image.  Now Jesus is the perfect image of God – the image of the invisible God (Col 1:15).  So God made [...]

What's it mean to belong to a church?

by Rob Newham on 29th February 2024

It's easy to get our answers from experience? For many it's a service where you sing, pray, sit & listen, take a bit of bread & wine... and, if you're lucky, get a biscuit with your cup of tea afterwards! Then Sunday lunch pulls you home. But if we get answers from the Bible it's different. Christians love. We love God. We love neighbour. The word 'love' describes something inside [...]

The story of our first five years...

by Mike Reith on 14th May 2015

Significant things last! Way back in 1930, Captain Dawson, a Christian man, wanted people on a new estate in Dagenham to hear about Jesus Christ. He built a hall and made a good start, but died before it opened! The hall (now called The Dawson Christian Centre) was given over to London City Mission (better known as LCM) who for many years ran a centre of Christian compassion to the community. In [...]